This site offers you an EASA part 147 moodle LMS, which is used for exams at 100 000 universities and institutes. It is a complete exam system with a huge number of exam questions, for the EASApart 66 B1 & B2 licence, with indicated level of each question, and their reference, mostly with direct links. Email:

Complete EASA part 66 Examination Modules B1.1, B1.2 and B2 as displayed in the link for Euro 15,000 !

Please check the link above!I It says in the right column the submodule number of questions provided. Left column shows the minimum number of questions required.

When you are interested please send an email. After confirmation of your identity you will get access to samples, and when you are satified I will provide you a paypal shopping section. You will get the backup file or I can install them on your moodle system!